Vu Nhat (Mr.Sun)

If anyone asks me what has your life changed since you took part in Hoian Mates organization?

I will definitely tell them it is awesome. It would have been a part of my life and wonderful memories that I have never had before and currently I have a lot of practical lessons that I have never been taught in school before.

It would take me a whole day without eating if anybody asked me for telling about enthusiastic brothers and lovely sisters in my organization or something about humorous and optimistic tourists.  Honestly, it is really hard to find out in other organizations or clubs for warm feelings like members here.

Guiding the guest around Hoian gave me a great way to gain valuable experiences. I still remember the first time I do the tour with one brother and one sister of Hoian Mates organization and six tourists from London. I am quite and do not know what I should talk to them. It is my pleasure to say that I used to make my life full of depressive episodes but thanks God friends called Belief has come back to me. They not only did not tear me down but also gave me enthusiastic supports, sincere advices and created opportunities for me to improve myself, fill gaps of knowledge as well. So far we still have kept in touch by email and send best wishes together on special day such as: Christmas Day or New Year’s Day…

I think I would totally regret if I lost a chance to undertake all of these experiences. I still remember the simple sentence that a tourist presented to me on the end of the tour before he left Hoi An Ancient Town:

“We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give”

It has deep meanings in my life and began a new chapter of my life since I became a tour guide in Hoian Mates.

Thank you, Hoian Mates.

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