If you haven’t come to Hoian yet. Let’s plan a trip to travelling Hoian immediately. I’m sure you will like it as soon as you set the first step on it. Hoian is unlike other cities in Vietnam. It is both tranquil and interesting. People is very friendly and kind, especially when you go to […]

Must try the following dishes when travelling Hoian

Chicken rice The most important thing to cook chicken rice is to choose good, sweet-smelling and sticky rice and then you mix with spices and cook in the broth of chicken. Next, you choose the chicken. After boiling chicken, you separate it into small pieces, then you mix with onion, papaya and basil, chili sauce. […]

You must visit beaches when travelling Hoian

An Bang Beach An Bang Beach is one of the few stretches of beach in Hoi An that’s relatively unspoiled by development, making it a popular option for soaking up the sun and enjoying an array of seaside activities. It also houses an array of beachfront resorts, seafood restaurants, and hippy bars with stunning views […]

2 must-visit markets in Hoian

Hoi An Central Market Enhance your bargaining skills and go to Hoi An Central Market, one of Vietnam’s best, offering an unmissable shopping experience. Rich in the smell of fragrant herbs and spices and the vibrant colours of Vietnamese silk, delve deep and you are guaranteed a bargain. Prices tend to be more inflated at […]


Hoian is known for its peaceful atmosphere and heavily influenced by Chinese culture and French architecture. It’s a great destination for you when travelling hoian Here are suggestions for you: Enjoy the banh mi Phuong The banh mi Phuong is famous for its unique flavor. It is filled with roasted pork, or egg, and salad […]