Vu Nhat (Mr.Sun)

If anyone asks me what has your life changed since you took part in Hoian Mates organization? I will definitely tell them it is awesome. It would have been a part of my life and wonderful memories that I have never had before and currently I have a lot of practical lessons that I have […]

Book a Tour

Thank you for your interest in Hoian Mates. Please read the following information carefully before registration. 1. REGISTRATION Send an email to our Tour Department at Use online booking function on the page BOOK NOW on our Homepage Use hotline on the website: +84-935-394-655 Please note that all booking on our homepage or email […]

Hoi An Overview

Warm-hearted, welcoming and traditional, but never out of touch with the outside world, the people of Hoi An are in overdrive mode trying to catch up to the opportunities their new found fame has recently given them. A History of Asian fusion A slow stroll through town reveals its gems. Hoi An has to this […]

5 Must-Dos While You’re in Hoi An

Formerly a happening trading port in post-modern South East Asia, Hoi An is now famous for being an exotic tourist attraction in the South Central Vietnam. This UNESCO World Heritage site offers its guesses a peaceful ambiance. Most of the time, tourists prefer to visit Hoi An’s classic architecture and religious sites as well as […]