Hoian is known for its peaceful atmosphere and heavily influenced by Chinese culture and French architecture. It’s a great destination for you when travelling hoian

Here are suggestions for you:

Enjoy the banh mi Phuong

The banh mi Phuong is famous for its unique flavor. It is filled with roasted pork, or egg, and salad and some herbs. If you travel hoian, you should try it because it is called Vietnamese sandwich and I make sure that It will satisfy you like sandwich in your country.

It takes a 10-15 minute walk from the center of town, you can buy a load of bread. And the store is open from the morning to the afternoon. Besides, you can try Madam Khang, or banh mi Queen to make a comparison, but for me, Vietnamese sandwich is really delicious and great and each place has its own flavor.

Banh mi Phuong

Banh mi Phuong

Get some things

Along the street in the old town, you can see a lot of tailor stores where you can make a polite suits, dresses, T-shirt, bags, leather shoes or anything you require, they can do it.

For the suits, it is quite cheap and for the daily clothing, it has different prices depending on the quality you want. Especially, the tailor maker is always happy to adjust until it is perfect and it is free for you.

If you plan to get something in these store, ask the local or free tour guide from Hoian mates (a volunteering organization serves for community and English practice), they can offer you the best ones. Remember to ask how quick their turnaround (usually 24-48 hours)

Tailor shop

Tailor shop

Take cooking class

Cooking class is very popular when you travel Vietnam and you can do it in any city. However, each city has its own dishes with different taste. According to tourists, Hoian is the best place for food and Hoian is also the favorite place to learn about foods and take cooking class.

There are different class in Hoian , you can do a search before making decision that which class you are in. You can get 3-4 traditional dishes around the price of 24-28 USD.

Another option for you is to take a traditional meal of Hoian mates, the free tour guide will instruct you to cook a Vietnamese traditional meal and you can learn about the culture.

Hoian cooking class

Hoian cooking class

Discover the riverside

If you’re wandering through the center of Hoi an, you make sure to pass along the Thu Bon river. Here are chains of market stalls selling a wide range of products such as: jewelry, trinkets, clothing, seafood, traditional cake, handmade …

You can buy shirt “ I love Vietnam” and in different colors for your family members or your friends. You can also buy café for gift for your relatives. In addition to, you can pick up some tropical fruits here and enjoy it, it’s really fantastic.

If you tire of the hustle and bustle, come by a coffee shop nearby, and try to find how different they are between Vietnamese coffee and your own coffee. From the view of coffee shops here, you can see the tranquil atmosphere and beautiful images of boats and people.

Hoian riverside at night

Hoian riverside at night

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