2 must-visit markets in Hoian

Hoi An Central Market

Enhance your bargaining skills and go to Hoi An Central Market, one of Vietnam’s best, offering an unmissable shopping experience. Rich in the smell of fragrant herbs and spices and the vibrant colours of Vietnamese silk, delve deep and you are guaranteed a bargain. Prices tend to be more inflated at the stalls closest to the entrance so head right in for the best buys.

There is a vast array of foodstuff for sale including spices such as saffron and cinnamon which are superb purchases as are the exotic fresh fruit and vegetables on display. Due to its riverside location there is also a huge selection of fresh fish available.

The marketplace is renowned for its tailors who have a section of the market all to themselves. Fine silk tailoring is cheaper here than anywhere else in Hoi An with garment makers running up a dress, shirt, jacket or full suit usually within 24 hours. Souvenir and local handicraft hunters will also find plenty to browse through at the Central Market.

Hoian central market

Hoian central market

Resting on the banks of the Thu Bon River, bustling Hoi An Central Market is certainly worth a look for its authentic slice of Vietnamese life. The market is busy throughout the day with locals bargaining hard alongside tourists so its best to arrive first thing in the morning. The negotiating over fish usually starts around 07:00 as the fishermen drop their catch off and the market vendors and local buyers dive in to get the best fish. Be warned that it can get very messy, nevertheless it’s certainly a sight not to be missed.

Inside the market there are also plenty of live ducks and chickens tied together and ready for sale alongside row upon row of Vietnamese cooking ingredients. The smell can get quite strong as the day heats up and the market will also become a lot busier and louder as the day progresses. If you want to avoid this, then head to the east side and the large shed type building which houses the tailors and all manner of Asian silk and textiles.

Good to Know

As a tourist browsing round Hoi An Central Market you can expect plenty of stall holders pushing their wares on you quite hard, the best course of action is to simply smile and continue on your way. When you do decide to make a purchase then remember that the first price you will be told will be over inflated, you should then offer around half and then work up to a price that you are both happy with. Be prepared to walk away and you might be surprised by the fair price you are then offered.

Opening Hours: daily from 06:30 and is best visited early starting with a walk by the docks to watch the fish arrive before you enter

Location: Nguyen Hue and Tran Phu on the Thu Bon River

Remarks: It’s a good idea to wear closed shoes as the floor in the market can get damp and sticky, especially if you are visiting the fish section.

Hoi An night market

Not as famous as the “Sheol” market in Dalat or night markets in Nha Trang, Saigon, Hanoi, Hoi An night market brings a subtle charm for visitors of the ancient town. Situated on the bank of the Hoai River, the night market in Nguyen Hoang street becomes very busy at night, but it still retains the antique features thanks to the shimmering lanterns displayed for sale.

Hoian night market

Hoian night market

Open from 5 pm to 11 pm, this night market has a length of about 300 meters with approximately 50 booths. Stroll around the market, you will easily encounter the familiar images of Hoi An ranging from the booth of colorful lanterns to handicraft products or special dishes like Cao Lau, Quang noodle, White Rose, cracking cake, black sesame sweet soup… but the most noticeable item is the silk lanterns this town is famous for. There are tons of different colors, shapes, materials and sizes to pick from. Even though you’re not planning on buying one, they make an excellent photo opportunity.

If you have chance to visit the Central Vietnam, do not miss interesting experiences in Hoi An ancient town, especially the Hoai River and Hoi An night market. We’re sure you will have a good time!

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